A Step-By-Step Guide To Company Registration Process In India

A Step-By-Step Guide To Company Registration Process In India

India’s most popular type of entity is a corporation. A company registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs must meet all the requirements. This post explains the process for registering a private company. In this tutorial, the compliance measures are explained one at a time for the company in India.

  1. Formation of a private limited company
  2. In order to obtain a certificate of digital signature, several documents must be provided
  3. A DIN document is required
  4. Guidelines on Naming Your Private Limited Company
  5. Documents needed to set up a private limited company

Guide to starting your own private limited company

1.Create an original digital signature certificate:

The company’s DSC is a crucial step when forming a company. Each Board of Directors or Managing Director of a Private Company needs a DSC, as they need it to complete e-forms and submit tax returns. A DSC acts as a mark of authentication or identification, and it enables these officials to authenticate government documents.

In order to obtain a digital signature certificate, you will need these documents:

  • A passport-sized picture is required
  • A copy of the applicant’s address that is self-attested
  • Auto-attested PANs of applicants

2. Obtain an identification number:

The Director Identification Number is a unique identification number for directors. Numbers are valid for life, unless withdrawn, surrendered, or removed by MCA. Upon company registration, directors must possess unique DINs. Consequently, every director of a legally registered company will need a DIN. Directors can also join other companies or become Designated Partners in limited liability partnerships.

DIN-related documents include:

  • Applicants should submit a passport-size photo
  • Copy of applicant’s address proof with self-attestation
  • Application for a PAN card, endorsed by the applicant

3. Decide on the company name:

A company needs to decide on its name before filing for incorporation. In order to reserve a particular name for the private limited company, Directors use e-Form INC – 1 for the private limited company. A Director must ensure that the appropriate forms are filled out and that the processing fees are paid. Each company can submit up to six different names along with the reasons why the name is appropriate. A government official will then verify each name’s availability and approve or reject the name In the application. The vast majority of Directors hire professionals ahead of time to check availability, to avoid confusion later on. Companies Registrars decide whether to approve or reject a business registration application.

Private Limited Company Name Selection Guidelines:

  1. Remembering and spelling names should be easy
  2. Providing a unique identity to the company should be a key component
  3. There must be a creative, short, and simple name
  4. The name cannot include any derogatory or unparliamentary language
  5. A prohibited or offensive word or phrase must not be used
  6. It must not infringe upon any earlier-registered trademarks
  7. There cannot be any equivalence or similarity with any other company’s name

In addition, the RoC reserves the company’s name for 60 days after it has been approved, after which it must apply for incorporation. If the name of the company is not reregistered, its expiration will occur, and the entire incorporation process must be repeated.

Incorporated companies require the following certificates:

The incorporation process begins as soon as a name has been chosen. A limited liability company registration form must also be completed online.

Utilizing SPICe documents (Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Companies Electronically). A Private Limited Company must also prepare a Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. Among other things, the MoA describes the company’s objectives as well as its operations. AoAs, on the other hand, describe the nature of operations of the company and how its administration will function. SPICe forms require that both of these documents be submitted. Validated via affixing DSCs. A company’s Certificate of Incorporation, which includes the PAN of its newly formed company, will be issued after the Chairperson of the Board approves the application.

Registration Documents for a Private Limited Company

  • If the office space is rented or leased, you must obtain authorization from the owners
  • Utility bill for the office space
  • A copy of the lease, rental agreement, or property document
  • The DIR-2, which shows the director’s approval
  • By way of Form INC-9, affidavits of the first shareholders and directors are submitted
  • Director’s and subscriber’s identification documents attested by themselves

A private limited company within India becomes a legal entity as soon as it receives its Certificate of Incorporation. In the following phase, directors, administrators, and promoters can begin their work. In order to avoid any delays, all listed shares should be deposited on the company’s account as soon as possible. You can also access information about the company’s formation and a copy of the CoI on the MCA website.

Establishing a business

All these documents can be extremely challenging to obtain, so it is best to get professional assistance.

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