Digital Signature Services: How Much Do They Cost?

Digital Signature Services: How Much Do They Cost?

Digital signatures are mathematical schemes used to verify the authenticity of online documents or notifications. An authentic digital signature that satisfies all the necessary conditions provides a high level of confidence to the recipient that the document was issued by the proclaimed sender.

Signatory parties’ intentions can be determined by digital signatures. Indian law recognizes the validity of these signatures as informal contracts. To determine whether the document arrived at the recipient’s address through a secure path or not, digital signatures use asymmetric cryptography. Therefore, we cannot claim that handwritten signatures are more valid than digital signatures.

This article discusses the digital signature price set by service providers through which we can sign any document electronically and share it with anyone who has shared their contact information with us.

Aspects of Digital Signature Costs

As soon as global business hubs realized the benefits of online signatures, they recognized their validity. It is an eco-friendly concept that has even sped up commercial operations. Additionally, it saves money.

Many enterprises keep on wondering, “how much investment do they need to put aside for digital signature services??? We have you covered. Before considering investing in this facility, a few key factors must be addressed individually.

The cost of digital signatures is determined by five significant factors. The following are some of them:

  • Volume and clients
  • Authentication of identity
  • Legislation and security
  • A flexible approach
  • Charging for a lifetime

Most cloud-based software applications offer pricing based on the number of clients and usage frequency. Digital signature services are also affected by this. All signers must be informed upfront that no license is required to use this facility. All of you can sign digitally online without incurring any costs. Licensing is the responsibility of those who send out documents for signature.

Licenses are usually only obtained by one person. In that enterprise, he is an influential business figure, such as a secretary or an operational manager. In addition to saving the company money, this method also relieves them of the need to arrange additional training sessions.

New entrepreneurs should realize that knowing their partners and clients at a deeper level is essential for smooth business operations, especially when collaborations, contracts, and agreements take place online. A digital signature’s identity authentication feature is lifesaving. Within the signer’s profile, you can access data that has already been recorded in your system. Here you can include details about his ID, contact information, date of birth, and much more. As a result, if any of such information mismatches, you can easily determine that the intended ender didn’t send the message.

Different authentication types implement different formulas for calculating digital signature costs. Frequency also affects costs. Authenticating your identity can be done in several ways:

  • In knowledge-based authentication, the signer enters his DOB or any security pin he feels intimidated by. Afterward, he must answer a series of questions, whose answers are checked against the recorded database. Credit reports, town hall events, etc., are analyzed using this method.
  • A one-time password is issued by the vendor in the registered phone number for mobile phone authentication. In order to access the files, the phone user must enter the code.
  • An email verification link is sent to the intended recipient’s inbox. The purpose of this method is to prove that the person viewing the file has access to that registered account.
  • In this case, the signer responds to a question attached to the file. According to previously recorded information, it must match the answer. Tell me the name of your favorite football club as an example of this type of question.

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Legislation and security: Although there are many free digital signature services on the market, they do not offer all the fantastic security features that adequately secure critical documents such as government-protected social healthcare information, life insurance policy directories, etc. As a result, digital signature costs are determined by the following security provisions:

  • Through the communication path, files are protected from tampering. The receiver will be notified immediately if any editing attempts are made.
  • Detailed audit trail: When legal papers are forwarded online, they must be protected at the highest level. An audit trail is a detailed log of events relating to the history of a forwarded file and is commonly provided by services.
  • You should only use digital signature services that comply with the laws of your home country. In spite of their seemingly high costs, many signature vendors comply with UETA and ESIGN, which define industry-specific standards. In the long run, it is better to consider them.

Even enterprise dealers prefer custom-tailored solutions over ready-to-use services. Digital signature costs vary based on what the buyer wants. In order to secure the communication channels fully, you may want to consider a full-board customized solution.

Throughout the life cycle of the service, you must ensure the provider keeps upgrading his technology. It is also necessary to verify the vendor’s policies minutely; they must not keep evidence of your official file on their servers. Any legal charges against you can make it a huge liability. Make sure you scrutinize each aspect before choosing your vendor, and don’t compromise your future for a lower price.

Bottom Line

Online price calculators can be used to estimate the cost of digital signature services. Input two essential pieces of information. To begin with, you should estimate how many people will have access to virtual signature-enabled files. The next step is to determine how many documents will be signed and distributed annually. Your digital signature pricing will go up as a result of these two factors.

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