Documents Required for Society Registration

Documents Required for Society Registration

Registration of a society requires the following documents

It is necessary to prepare different documents before you can satisfy the society Registrar with your application and have it deemed register-worthy. You must prepare the following before you register:

  • All founding/establishing members must sign a cover letter requesting registration of the society
  • Memorandum of Association copy signed by all members
  • All founding members must sign a duplicate copy of the Rules & Regulations
  • NOC or No Objection Certificate issued by the office landlord as well as proof of the society’s registered office address
  • The president and secretary of the society swear an affidavit declaring the relationship between the members and subscribers
  • Some essential documents along with the minutes of the society registration meeting

Society members will need to submit the following documents in order to register with the society:

  • Along with the application, please include the PAN cards of all members of the proposed society.
  • All members should provide proof of residence, such as Bank Statements, Utility Bills, Driving Licenses, Aadhar Cards, or Passports.
  • Besides the objectives and work of the society, it contains the addresses of the members as well as the address of the registered society.
  • This document contains the norms that will govern the society’s activities on a day-to-day basis, the rules for admitting new members, the meeting schedule for the society and how often it will be held, details about the Auditors, any forms of arbitration that may be used in case of disputes within society members, and how to dissolve the society (should it become necessary). In addition to the Chairman, President, Vice President, and Secretary signing, the document will also be endorsed by the members. 
  • As mentioned above, the cover letter contains the purposes and objectives of the society.
  • Declaration from the society’s President stating that he/she is both competent and willing to serve as president.

Registrars of Societies need to receive all of these documents along with the fees. It is best to keep a few duplicate copies available in case of a need. It is helpful to keep a copy of the society registration certificate and audit documents online because if the auditor defaults on your society for some reason, the Registrar of Society can take stern actions. When the registrar receives the application, he or she signs the first copy as an acknowledgement, returning it, while taking the second copy to approve the application itself. A society’s Incorporation Certificate and registration number are issued by the registrar after background checks and proper vetting of the registration documents. The society registration certificate can also be searched for online and downloaded in addition to the physical copy. 

Online verification of society registration

Please do not worry, you can check your society’s registration online in a matter of minutes. It is even easier to find the registration number, the status of the RERA registration, and even if the project is in accordance with the approved plan than it is to register a multi-state cooperative society or a cooperative housing society. In the case of a cooperative society in Chennai, for instance, following this process will let you check the registration number. As with the laws of cooperative society registration online, the official websites for checking the registration number can vary from state to state.

  • In Tamil Nadu, you can get the certificate of registration of societies’ allotted number by visiting on the government’s official website.
  • You can reach the ‘Society’ tab under the ‘Search’ section of the home page by scrolling down the page.
  • Select the zone and district of the society from a new window
  • The registration number of the society can be viewed by selecting the right society name

Choosing the right legal counsel can simplify your search

Whenever you purchase a property in any state, it is a good idea to do extensive research on the property as well as the society in which it is located. After all, it is not just your dream home that you are looking for, but also the neighbourhood you will choose to live in for a long time. Similarly, if you manage a society, you should ensure that its prerequisites are met at all times and that residents are given the proper legal process if a dispute arises among its members. Even the slightest mistake could mean a huge loss when it comes to legal issues and paperwork. The best way to avoid such mistakes is to work with a team of professionals. 


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