Trademark Registration Benefits

Trademark Registration Benefits

Brand-building elements, such as symbols, logos, and company names, are protected by trademark laws. Today’s business world relies on these to protect brand identities and fight imitations and counterfeits.

As consumers gauge and compare companies based on their brand identity, it is a critical component of modern business. In order to differentiate themselves from the competition, businesses need to come up with unique strategies. How would Apple and Samsung be without their iconic logos and brand names? 

Companies can build loyalty through branding strategies like these. A company’s brand name must be protected to remain successful. Businesses that register their trademarks obtain exclusive rights to their brand names, logos, and other visual symbols. Discover everything you need to know about trademark registration, the documents you’ll need, and the benefits you’ll get.

What Does A Trademark Mean?

Essentially, a trademark is anything that gives a brand its unique identity within the marketplace, whether it is a logo, symbol, word, or combination of these. In addition, trademark registration is an important intellectual property for a business, as it prevents competitors from using similar names and logos. They also help to develop a comprehensive brand identity by enabling customers to associate different visual cues with their products. 

With time, these cues become unique selling points of the brand, helping them become popular. Brands like this are set apart from their competitors. 

A trademark registration fee reduction of 50% has been made available for startups registered as MSMEs under the Udyog Adhaar Scheme by the Department for Promotion of Internal Trade and Industrial Policy.

Trademarks: Functions

  1. Identifies products and services.
  2. Exclusive use of a brand’s visual elements.
  3. By partnering with a credible manufacturer, the company ensures the quality of the products and services.
  4. Markets and promotes products and services.
  5. Anti-counterfeit and anti-copycat law.
  6. Easily introduces products into new markets and segments.
  7. The business will gain a better reputation, credibility, and trustworthiness as a result.

Trademark Types

A company or brand may register the following types of trademarks:

  1. An image, a symbol, or a 3D shape
  2. Marks on audio files
  3. Represents a brand by combining letters and numbers
  4. Brand name
  5. Graphic design or logo

Registration Of A trademark

Traders of any product or service are welcome to join. In addition, trademark registration takes between 18 and 24 months. Embedding the ® (registered symbol) on a trademark is a way to highlight its registration.

Trademark holders will also receive a registration certificate as part of the trademark registration process. Moreover, a registered trademark remains valid for ten years after filing, and trademark holders must renew their trademarks to retain their protection.

Documentation Required For Trademark Registration

  1. Logos or trademarks
  2. The applicant’s information 
  3. Information about the goods and services to be registered
  4. Indicate the first date that the trademark was used on the application
  5. An authorization letter, if necessary

How To Register A Trademark In India

  1. Entrepreneurs should search public records to see if a trademark is available, since trademarks must be unique and genuine. Before submitting an application, applicants should look for similar trademarks available to ensure their application will not be rejected.
  2. After selecting a trademark, an individual must file a trademark application in India. The company has offices in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. Online applications are also available for businesses. A professional should, however, review your application to ensure there are no errors.
  3. In addition, once an application is received, the examiner scrutinizes it for a period of between 12 and 18 months, and then conducts a formal examination. The trademark is published in the Trademark Journal once it has been examined and approved. 
  4. During this time period, individuals can oppose trademark registration. In the event of an opposition, the applicant will have to appear at a fair hearing and defend their right to register the mark.
  5. You can use the ® symbol after receiving a registration certificate from the Trademark Office. Every ten years, a trademark must be renewed by the applicant.

What Vakilsearch Can Do?

Registering a trademark requires a great deal of paperwork and time. On the bright side, you can be assured that your brand’s products are safe and sustainable. In order to obtain trademark registration, businesses should seek the help of professional legal services. Vakilsearch also offers a comprehensive package that enables businesses to protect their brand identity. Any questions or concerns regarding trademarks should be directed to our representatives. 

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