How to Get Uttar pradesh gst number

How to Get Uttar pradesh gst number

Introduction :

In India, Uttar Pradesh’s GST state code is represented by the number 9. 09 is the two- number law. And It’s used as the first two- digit in the GSTIN No of a taxpayer of Uttar Pradesh. It’s used for the identification of the state or UT.  Here know about GST Registration in Uttar Pradesh.

 For illustration – A Taxpayer who’s doing business in Uttar Pradesh and having a business place in Uttar Pradesh. Now he’ll get a GSTIN No after GST Registration Online. similar as 09AACCF8045D1ZM, in this GSTIN No, you’ll see that the first two integers are representing Uttar Pradesh. It means this GSTIN NO belongs to Uttar Pradesh and having a business place or position in Uttar Pradesh. 


What’s GST State Code for Uttar Pradesh? 

Uttar Pradesh’s GST State Code is 09, and it has values under India’s GST system. This is the first two integers of a GSTIN NO of a taxpayer belongs to Uttar Pradesh. Having a business location in Uttar Pradesh as well.


 STATE Uttar Pradesh 

 Uttar Pradesh GST law 

For illustration, check out below then first two integers indicates the state law 

 GSTIN Number Search Taxpayer by GSTIN/ UIN and GSTIN explanation 

 09 GST law of which state? 

09 GST State law belongs to Uttar Pradesh in India. 

 It’ll be available in GSTIN No of the GST taxpayer of Uttar Pradesh only. 

 09 GST State law represents the first two integers in GSTIN No. 

 It’ll not represent any other State because it belongs to Uttar Pradesh 

you can identify the GSTIN No is belongs to Uttar Pradesh if you’ll see the first two integers are 09. 

 Where can I find the GST law for Uttar Pradesh? 

 You can find the GST state law for Uttar Pradesh under the list of GST state canons which is available on the GOOGLE or on GST Portal. Because it’s usable for the identification of the state of any GST taxpayer who’s doing business in India. 

We’ve also available a list of GST state canons. And you can use it for searching your GST state law just by visiting the list available below .


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