How to Get your Name Change Certificate in India

How to Get your Name Change Certificate in India

Citizens of India can legally change their names for a variety of reasons

Relocations can be caused by a number of factors. Many married women adopt their husband’s surname. Furthermore, we can shorten long names and make them more appropriate. Nonetheless, this effort is worthwhile.

What Are the Benefits of Changing Your Name Legally in India?

In India, changing your name can be difficult because most of your official documents have already been issued. Anyhow, it is worthwhile to change the name of your child or yourself. Feeling like you should outweighs the inconvenience.

Advertisement for a name change

Each newspaper will have a column dedicated to such changes. Here is an example. Say Ram becomes Shyam.

As of now, I go by the name Shyam. Therefore, I have signed the affidavit.

Most women include their husbands’ names and residence as part of their surname change after marriage.

What are the notification fees?

A fee will be charged to change your name in the Gazette. It will be changed by the government. An advertisement in the Gazette is priced according to whether a public notice is desired.

You can reach the controller of publications at Civil Lines, Delhi – 110054 by demand draft or postal order. To submit it in person, or by courier/speed post, you can include all the necessary information in an envelope.

You can change your name on Vakilsearch

  • Our team can draft an affidavit stating your intent to change your name and have it notarized on your behalf.
  • Once we have filed the affidavit, we will publish your new name in two local papers. The advertisement will show both your old and new names.
  • The necessary documents for a name change will also be kept on hand at the office.
  • Once we pay the prescribed fee, your name change will be published in the Indian Gazette.

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