How to Renew Society Registration Online?

When people who share similar interests cooperate to accomplish goals that are both mutually beneficial and analogous, they can form a society. As part of the Societies Registration Act, passed in 1860, these types of organizations are regulated, and each state may propose amendments to the Act as necessary. The primary function of the Societies, which include the Apartments Association, is to maintain residential or commercial locations.

In 1996, Shri Biswajit Bordoloi was the first to add validity information to the registration certificate before the 12-07-1996 deadline. It was requested that the Director of Printing and Stationery include some essential provisions of the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 along with validity on the registration certificate in order to make the amendments.

Incorporating a society

In order to be officially registered, a society must have at least seven members present. Clubs are written and tracked by state governments. A Online society registration is carried out in accordance with the requirements above. For an organization to be officially recognized, it is necessary to apply for registration with the appropriate authority of the state government in the city where it has its registered office.

It is the responsibility of the state administration to keep track of all expenses of this kind, which include fifty Indian Rupees (Rs. )for each of these registrations.

Registration renewal for the Society

In accordance with the above Act, each Society’s registration must be updated annually. An application for renewal of the Society’s registration must be submitted to the Registrar with the required fee within one month of the period during which the Society’s roster is allowed to lapse.

Society registration renewal fees, as set forth by the Societies Registration Act, apply to the registration of all officially recognised organizations.

  • In the case that you wish to renew your Society’s registration within the allotted time frame, you must pay either the original registration fee of Rs. 200 or the lesser amount. In such a case, the state government has the right to raise the assessed fee periodically by making any notification deemed appropriate if the increase is not higher than payment at the time of registration.
  • The state government will require an additional fee of Rs. 40 if the application is submitted within one month of the expiration of the validity period; however, this additional fee cannot exceed one-fifth of the fee described above.
  • It is required to pay an additional fee of twenty dollars or even a higher amount if the application is submitted more than one month after the expiration date. The higher additional monthly fee, however, must not exceed half of the above prices, as specified by the state government.

Registrations of societies are renewed as of the expiration date of the previous registrations.

In order to renew a society’s registration, follow these steps:

  • A list of the managing body members elected after registration or after renewal must be included in applications for renewal of the Society’s registration.
  • In the absence of a waiver by the Registrar of Societies, the society registration certificate must be renewed only if it has been destroyed, lost, or any other applicable reason.
  • As part of renewing your license, you will also need to submit the following information on the official website of the state government, along with your completed online application:
  • A number that identifies the Society’s current registration
  • If you would like to update the registration of an organization, please provide its name.
  • Applicants must provide all their contact information, such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • All essential documents must be uploaded.
  • Societies will continue to use the last file number after their registration has been renewed.

Registration of the Society Could Not Be Renewed

A society whose registration is set to expire within one year is considered unregistered if it does not renew its registration within that year.

Even after one year has passed since the expiration date, the Registrar can accept a renewal application if there is a compelling reason. An additional fee, however, must be collected by the Registrar of at least Rs. 400, and the fee cannot be more than ten times the amount of the previously mentioned additional fee, determined by the state government.

Any society established by the Societies Registration Act, enacted in 1860[1], must renew its registration every five years. No later than one month before the period during which the registration becomes invalid, the Society must renew its role. The registration is valid for five years.

Re-registration follows a somewhat similar process to initial registration. Through the online portal provided by the state government, it is possible to renew the society’s registration online after providing all the necessary information. Societies that fail to renew will be considered unregistered if they do not apply for renewal.


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