Indian Trademark Objection

Indian Trademark Objection

An objection to a trademark An objection to a trademark. The examiner must rigorously scrutinize trademark applications after filing. A trademark examiner may reject a trademark registration application. This rejection is the result of trademark objections. The examiner disapproved the application after reviewing it.

Why bother about Objection?

There are too many trademark objections in India. Every year, a large number of trademark applications are filed. The majority of these applications receive objections every year. As a result, when filing your registration application, you should be extremely careful. The Objection to the trademark only takes a short time to draft, regardless of the amount of time you spent on the application.

A trademark examination report completes the trademark objection process. There is either approval or rejection of the trademark in the report.

Trademark Objection Reply

It’s important to remember that trademark objections aren’t always fair. This has led to the Trademark Objection Reply. A customized response is required to TM objections. In replying to the Objection, you basically refute every statement made. Responses that are reasonable can counter objections. A trademark is published after the reply has been accepted. Otherwise, it will be a matter of the hearing.

You will not be able to register a trademark unless you respond positively to your trademark objection application.

For trademark objections or replies, consult trademark experts

Do not worry, there is nothing to worry about! Our trademark advocates, trademark agents, and IPR experts are the best in the industry. Their perfect reply counters trademark objections. You can also benefit from a low trademark objection reply fee. Our trademark experts are the ones you should contact if you want to publish your trademark in a trademark journal.

  • Trademark Opposition Eligibility Criteria

  • In order to be eligible for Trademark Objection, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Objecting to trademarks can be done on two grounds. Here are some of them:

Absolute Grounds:

  • It lacks any distinctive features.

  • Trademarks represent the quality of a product.

  • A trademark infringes on the rights of specific communities, whether it is deliberate or mistaken.

Relative Grounds:

  • Public confusion can result from the trademark

  • Documents Required for Trademark Opposition

  • Documents required for filing an objection to a trademark include:

  • Documents pertaining to authorization

  • Report of Trademark Examination

  • ID Proof

  • Address Proof

  • Process for Trademark Objection

In order to resolve trademark objections, follow these steps:

The status of the trademark application should be checked.

o   Analyze. the trademark objection.

o   Draft a reply.

o   File the reply after checking and rechecking.

o   Get feedback for the reply for the said department.

o   The trademark journal will publish your trademark if the reply is accepted.

o   In the case of a rejected trademark reply, your representative will attend the trademark hearing.

o   Our Assistance to file the Trademark Objection 

o   The trademark objection process can be handled by Registrationwala from beginning to end. We provide the following services:

o   Initiating the process and collecting information

o   Drafting the application

o   Making changes to the draft if necessary

Filing the application


In addition to trademark objections, it also provides a wide range of other legal services.

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