Odisha Trademark Registration: Everything You Need to Know

Odisha Trademark Registration: Everything You Need to Know

A trade mark registration in india for your business logo or startup brand in Odisha will be handled by the Trademark Registry, Kolkata office. There is a requirement for all businesses within the specified jurisdiction given below in this article to register with the Trademark Registry, Kolkata Office.

In India, Odisha is the largest producer of aluminum, steel, and stainless steel (value more than 50,000 crore). In India, almost 50% of the aluminum is produced in Odisha. It is located on the eastern coast of India, with 480 km of coastline and three ports. A capacity of 127MMT makes Paradip one of India’s largest ports. There are more than 250,000 kilometers of roads and 15 national highways connecting the state to the rest of the country. The state’s capital, Bhubaneswar, was ranked first in the ‘Smart City Challenge’ of the Government of India. GO SWIFT (Government of Odisha – Single Window for Investor Facilitation and Tracking) is an initiative by Odisha that covers the entire life cycle of any and every industrial project that requires immediate approval and hassle free investment in Odisha.

The Classification of Trademarks in Odisha

A variety of goods and services have been categorised under at least 45 classes of trademarks in order to facilitate trademark registration. A trademark class should sufficiently cover all the goods/services offered by your business entity, so choose each carefully.

Business operations must be registered under all applicable classes of goods and services if more than one product or service is required.

Can a trademark be registered in Odisha?

Any business seeking to establish the uniqueness of their goods or services should file a trademark application for registration in Odisha. A complete understanding of what could be registered as a trademark in Odisha, is always advisable. Trademark registration in Odisha is limited to marks that describe goods manufactured or services offered that can be distinguished from those of others. You can submit it in any of the following forms:

  • Tradenames of all kinds

Any name that is closely related to the trade in which the sole proprietor or business entity is engaged in  Odisha, and that is also unique in nature may be registered as a trademark. The trade name could also be categorized as the name of the business, the name of the products, or the name of the services. Any color, shape, text, style, or combination of colors could be used.

  • The name of the good/service offered

The majority of businesses register their trademarks in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, based on the goods or services they provide. 

  • Name of Business

Trademark could also be registered in Odisha, in the name of the business entity offering such products or services.

  • Business owners’ or promoters’ names or surnames

Odisha allows business owners and promoters to register their trade names and names of other individuals or surnames as trademarks, after obtaining their consent. 

  • Numbers or abbreviations

For trademark registration in Odisha, one can also consider letters, abbreviations or a combination of letters that indicate the goods or services the business offers. IBM, BMW, L&T, 555, etc., are some examples.

  • Logos or symbols

As an alternative to a shorter trade name, you can also opt for a symbol or logo that represents your business’s unique traits and capabilities better. 

Trademark Registration in Odisha: Benefits 

The registration of trademarks in Odisha is a necessary process for business entities and should be done under the guidance and assistance of professionals with years of experience in trademark registration and follow-up with trademark offices. Once registered, a trademark helps build brand trust and loyalty among customers and helps establish goodwill for the business. The registered proprietor of a trademark in Odisha is also entitled to bring a legal action against anyone infringing on his or her rights. Odisha prohibits anyone from using a trademark that is too similar to indicate a connection/relationship with the registered trademark. With a trademark registration, the “TM” symbol can be used along with the trade name.

The following are some of the advantages of trademark registration:

  • A Right to Exclusiveness

Registered owners/proprietors of trademarks in Odisha are granted exclusive rights to use their trademarks upon registration. A registered proprietor/owner can use such trademarks for all or any of the goods/services that fall under the class/classes of trademarks for which registration has been granted. In addition, the registered owner can take legal action against those who use the trademark unauthorized.

  • Promotes Brand Awareness & Business Goodwill 

The unique features of a registered trademark attract consumers, establish trust, and create brand awareness among consumers in the relevant market about the goods and services associated with it. Business goodwill is created when trademarks become an integral part of a business.

  • Trademark Registration in Odisha : Legal Rights 

An individual or business entity cannot use a trademark that resembles too closely or is too similar to a registered trademark owned by a business owner/proprietor. The registered proprietor has the right to file an objection and bring a legal action against such person or entity if this happens.

  • Odisha Trademark Rights Transfer 

The registered proprietor/business entity holds the sole right to sell, transfer, assign, franchise, and enter into any commercial contract with respect to the registered trademark.


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