Online Kitchen Shop and Establishment License Registration

Online Kitchen Shop and Establishment License Registration

Restaurants and food outlets are not the only business offering online food sales. There are also home kitchens that offer food for sale online. The internet has become a great source of online home kitchens since they are directly from the home kitchen and have fewer flavour additions. Online home kitchens have overtaken the food industry currently. Find out what licenses are required for these kitchens by reading on. The growth of online home kitchens has been largely supported by platforms such as Swiggy, Zomato, and others. They include websites where customers can pay and social media accounts for sharing content.

A license for an online restaurant shall be obtained.

Food commodities must be handled by licensed individuals and groups. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India requires every food business operator to obtain a license and a certificate of establishment before they can operate the business.

Online home kitchens’ success is determined by two crucial factors: food quality and delivery speed. Food preparation takes place in an atmosphere and environment that is crucial for ensuring the safety of the people.

The following information is required to be disclosed to OSHA:

  • Schedule of work hours
  • (opening & closing times)
  • Employee rest periods
  • during national holidays
  • in accordance with health and safety regulations
  • pertaining to overtime pay.

Please provide the following documentation.

  • Pan card
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Details of the employees

License application instructions for Home Kitchen Shops and Establishments Act

Applications require supporting documents to be attached. You should include shop information, such as the shop’s name and address, as well as proof of ownership, such as a copy of the lease or rent agreement, which you should submit to your shop’s Local Chief Inspector. Establishments are registered and issued a shop and establishment registration certificate after government officials have verified all of the documents.

 Why Online Kitchen Requires a Shop & Establishment License

According to the Shops and Establishment Act, all food establishments must keep records relating to employment, fines, deductions, advances, holidays, and so forth. In addition, departments of labor permit and attendance and wage registers must be kept. An annual document containing annual holidays/leaves as well as staff numbers will be provided to local municipal corporations. Tracking and analyzing employee performance may be possible via restaurant management software.

Also, a shop license protects children from child labor in online kitchens. Online kitchen owners should develop comprehensive employment and firing policies. These policies should include details on annual leave, maternity leave, sick leave, and casual leave, among other things. Shops and establishments must register within 30 days of opening.


Obtaining a shop & establishment registration certificate might seem difficult if you need to fulfill all these requirements. Consulting a legal expert can make the process easier. We at Vakilsearch provide FSSAI registration services as well as shop and establishment license registration. Our experts will handle all the paperwork to get these licenses for you.

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