How To Download A GST Certificate?

How To Download A GST Certificate?

Is it even possible to download a GST certificate with a GSTIN without logging into the GST portal? Keep reading to know for yourself.

A GST certificate is a legally binding document that tax payers receive under India’s GST system. GST registration certificates must be prominently displayed in all business premises of taxpayers who hold GST registration certificates. 

We recommend that you enlist GST experts to take care of GST enrollment without any hassle, since downloading a GST certificate is easy, but getting one is quite challenging.

This article provides detailed instructions for downloading a GST certificate. With just a GSTIN code, we can also download a GST certificate without logging into the portal.

A GST Certificate Can Be Downloaded By Following These Steps:

You can only download GST certificates by logging into the GST portal. A GST certificate cannot be downloaded just by entering your GSTIN. In light of the fact that the government does not provide hard copies of GST registration certificates, taxpayers must download them from the GST portal. 

You Can Download Your GST Certificate In Three Easy Steps –

Step 1 : Only your GST account can be used to download GST registration certificates. Log into your GST account using the information on your GST Portal account.

Step 2 : Choose ‘User Services’ under ‘Services’, then click ‘View/Download Certificate’.

Step 3 : Clicking on the ‘Download’ icon will require you to download the file.

Step 4 : Under ‘GST REG-06’, click the ‘Download’ icon.

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