How to register for a new GST number online

How to register for a new GST number online

GST registration is the process by which businesses and organizations can become subject to the GST Act of 2017. Some businesses benefit from enlisting, even if they are not required to do so. Companies with a yearly turnover exceeding a certain threshold must also register.

Businesses with a turnover of over ₹20 lakhs were initially required to register as taxable organizations under GST. From April 1, 2019, manufacturers of goods will be taxed on ₹40 lakhs. On the other hand, for service providers, the threshold remains at  ₹20 lakhs.

How to Get GST Number Online

Fill out the online form on the official GST registration webpage to obtain a GSTIN. You will need to provide the following information:

  • State or district of the applicant
  • Your company name
  • Your PAN number Your email address and a working telephone number

The gateway’s OTP is valid for about ten minutes. A second OTP will be required after this time period. The Temporary Reference Number generated by the system should be kept for future use.

Individuals will need to submit supporting documents in order to complete the registration process. Some of the documents required are:

  • A PAN card (Personal Identification Number)
  • proof of your business location
  • proof of your company’s registration
  • proof of your directors’ identities
  • as well as their bank account information
  • The DSC of directors is also required for GST registration for companies.

The user has the option of submitting their applications via OTP, EVC, or DSC. Individuals who submit a successful application will receive an Application Reference Number that they can use to monitor the status of their application.

GSTINs will be issued in about 7 working days after your application has been approved.

Display GST Number

The GST Registration certificate must be displayed prominently inside the premises of every business location, including the major ones.

Upon receiving its GST identification number (GSTIN), every registered firm must display it on its name-board located at the entrance to the registered office or factory.

In accordance with CGST/SGST Rules, Rule 18(2), all registered taxpayers are required to display their GSTIN on name boards in their main place of business, as well as at any other location. In most cases, taxpayers put their GSTIN on the front door or paste a sheet of paper with their GSTIN wrote on it.

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