Steps to Register a Trademark?

When you start a new idea or offer a new service and want to do it, it is recommended to register it first, especially since no one can steal it from you. But, how to register a trademark?Is it always possible to do that? What guidelines should you follow?

Whether you are going to open an eCommerce, manage a service, create a brand name, a brand, a product, this information we tell you is very important to you. Choose the same and read to know the trademark class finder!

What is a brand?

A brand that is also known as a brand name is the title you are going to be known for and you can get the right to use and differentiate it with your competitors. In other words, it’s a name that allows you to identify yourself, that’s yours, so that everyone knows you, so you can market products and / or services.

Trademarks are government-issued titles and allow individuals or organizations to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

All brands must be registered with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. Also known as OEPM. This is a general system in which not only do they register, but also check whether the two brands are identical.

Trademark Types

When you are going to register a trademark you need to know that there are different types. For example:

  • Word marks. They are classified by name or class.
  • Mixed brands. Contain not only the name or category, but also the logo.
  • Graphic scores. Logo or graphic only.

What is a brand?

Another factor you need to take into account is that in order for something to be considered a brand, it must meet certain requirements. One of them is a person’s name, drawing, letter, colors, image, product shape, sounds, packaging :

  • Distinguish product and / or service from competition.
  • It is mentioned in the trademark register.

Step before registering the trademark

Before explaining the steps you need to take to register a trademark, it is important to check if the name you are thinking of is available. That is, there is no other company or entrepreneur registered under the same name. If so, you can not register it yourself.

To do this, you need to go to the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office’s website to check the trademarks and trademarks in the database. In that section, you need to go to “Brand Locator” and, in the search engine that comes out, you should put “Divide: Contains”, “Method: All”. Next to that is a souvenir, which is where you need to put your brand name.

What does that mean? Well, the brand you want to sign up for is free, then you do not have to worry about starting the process because there will be no problem (unless two people sign up for the same thing at the same time).

This is important because if you start the process with a brand name that is already registered, they will refuse it, but if you do not withdraw it, you will lose money. You will need to restart the process to restart and pay again.

How to record a score step by step

We are going to explain step by step what you need to do to register a trademark. In fact, there are two ways to do it: Presence and Online . We recommend the second option, not only because it is faster, but also because it is cheaper because it can be done at any time of the day or night, and they offer a discount for paying online.

Register a trademark in person

When registering a trademark in person, the first thing you need to do is go to the Spanish Patent and Trademark office. You need to fill in the trademark registration application form which should contain all the information they ask for (personal details, trademark name, type …).

In addition, you will need to bring proof of payment of the application fee because, if you do not have it, they will not accept it and you will have to pay it before registering the documents.

Once you have provided them, they will check that everything is correct and if they find any failure, they will ask you to change the claim at some point to continue its course (otherwise it will be judged and filed against, start again).

Register online

As we told you before, registering a trademark is very fast, easy and cheap, which gives relief to many.

To do this you need to go to the website of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) and access the electronic office. There you can post everything you want from brands to innovations, industrial designs etc.

Since it is an existing trademark, you need to click on “Procedures for Distinctive Symptoms”, which is understood as a trademark.

Next, you need to go to “Application for trademarks, trade names and international brands”. Fill in all the information they ask for. It is important that you choose the type of brand (as we mentioned earlier). Keep in mind that they will only charge you if you register a name or value and only one name or category rather than one logo, so it is worth doing both for both things if you have already thought about the logo you are going for. Wear.

Next you need to specify which products and services you are requesting for the brand, i.e. what you are going to do with the brand. For example, imagine that you are going to create a “real” brand with which you want to market beer. Well, what you are going to do is indicate that you want to make beer. What about more drinks? Well, you have to mention it. It is governed by the “Good Classification”, which established its name as mentioned in Nice in 1957, and establishes a system for classifying goods and services in order to register as a trademark.

Generally, it occupies 45 classes, of which 1 to 34, are for products; And 35 to 45 for services.

The following is an intermediate step. Here you can save the application and review it or continue.

Of course, you have to pay here, which is 125.36 euros. Now, that’s the price, in good classification, if you only offered one class. If you have too many, they will charge you 81.21 euros more every second thereafter.

Once you have paid, you will have to download the receipt and wait to hear from the brand.

How long does it take to register a trademark?

Well, the time to settle the application for National Trademark is 12 months, until there is no objection or we apologize for any missing documents or errors. If that happens, the process can be extended up to 20 months.

Also, this is not a permanent process. It expires in 10 years, only then can you still renew for another 10 years or indefinitely , but pay the renewal fee.

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