Register a trademark in Bangalore

Register a trademark in Bangalore

At a reasonable cost, you can register your logo’s trademark in Bangalore to assure your potential clients of your company’s credibility. Read on to learn more!
Unregistered trademarks may have some legal protection, but if someone copies or rips off your work, the burden of proof is a lot higher. All serious business owners should register their trademarks.

What is the need for trademark registration in Bangalore?

You may be held liable for legal costs and fines if you inadvertently infringe on someone else’s name or trademark, and will lose any profits made using the unregistered mark.

It is also possible that you will be required to pay damages to the registered trademark owner. Rebranding your firm or establishing a new logo will require you to spend even more money on new marketing materials. It is even possible to lose consumers as a result of the uncertainty created by the lack of clarity about your product or identity.

However, by registering your trademark, you ensure that it will be distinct from other trademarks already registered.

How to Register a Trademark in Bangalore

Goods and services are categorized under 45 ‘Classes of Trademarks.’ It is very helpful to identify the class in which the goods/services fit and to file an application under that class. In order to obtain protection for the respective goods and services, a trademark application must be filed separately for each class of goods and services.

Benefits of Trademark Registration in Bangalore

  • Having a registered trademark can provide additional protection for the business owner, such as inferred ownership and a lower burden of proof.
  • If you use the symbol, “®” after your trademark, it signifies that your brand is recognized legally and adds prestige to your business.
  • Moreover, the registration of a trademark provides exclusive control over the mark and helps to prevent it from being misappropriated by a third party.
  • If a trademark is registered, its owner can pursue legal action against persons or corporations that violate their brand identity with ease.
  • Trademarks are valid for ten years after registration. In addition, trademark certificates can be renewed just before they expire to ensure the continued protection of a trademark.

Register a Trademark in Bangalore Today!

Inexperienced applicants can take a long time to complete the trademark registration process in Bangalore, although it seems straightforward at first glance. Here at Vakilsearch, we recommend the services of our experts.

We’ve handled several trademark registrations and know a lot about the area. One of Bangalore’s top trademark firms. We provide 360-degree trademark registration services, and we even handle all other trademark procedures at affordable prices.

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