What Is My Trademark Registration Number and Where Can I Find It? What Is a Trademark and What Does It Mean?

Trademark registration indiaAny term, symbol, design, or logo that is used to differentiate your products or services from those of your competitors is referred to as a trademark. A trademark aids in the recognition of your company. It aids in the branding and marketing of products. It also prevents the duplication of your products and services.

What Are the Advantages of Registering a Trademark in India?

Though you can use a trademark without registering it, there are several advantages to doing so. Unregistered trademarks can only be used in a limited geographical area, up to the point when the products or services are sold. By registering your trademark, you can establish your trademark’s nationwide rights.

The following are some of the additional rights that a registered trademark owner has:

  1. Exclusive usage right
  2. Right to a Statutory Remedy in the Event of a Violation
  3. Right to assign Right to make a correction in the register

Even if the registration procedure isn’t finished, you can still use the sign “TM” after submitting an application. You can, however, use the symbol “®” to indicate that your brand has been registered to your stakeholders.

In India, where can you find your trademark registration number?

You will be assigned a trademark application number once you have completed your trademark registration application. This application number also serves as the registration number for your trademark. In other words, the number assigned to a trademark application and the number assigned to a trademark registration are the same. However, you should check the status of your application to see if your trademark number was successfully registered.

Why should a business owner check the status of a trademark application on a regular basis? 

The Trademark Registrar Office will process your trademark application between 6-12 months after you submit it. Due to an erroneous application or another legal issue, a trademark application may face various objections or resistance. As a result, the entrepreneur must constantly checking the progress of the trademark application online throughout the registration procedure.

If there is a disparity, the entrepreneur must answer to the objections within a certain amount of time, failing which the application may be abandoned.

How to Check the Status of Your Trademark Application Using the Internet

Step 1: Go to the IP INDIA website and create an account.

Step 2: On the left-hand side of the panel, select ‘Trade Mark Application/Registered Mark’ as the first choice. When the option ‘National IRDI Number’ is selected, two options appear. Select the option ‘National IRDI Number.’

Step 3: Provide the trademark application number received at the completion of the registration process. Also, complete and submit the captcha code.

Step 4: The following screen provides further information about your trademark application, including its current status. On the same page, you may also get a copy of your trademark certificate. However, such a copy cannot be made for legal purposes, which would necessitate a certified copy.


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