What Are the Benefits of Registering a Trademark in Puducherry?

What Are the Benefits of Registering a Trademark in Puducherry?

Any person or legal entity will apply for trademark registration in Pondicherry, no matter whether or not they are a subject of the country or not. The trademark registration method in Pondicherry is receptive to foreign nationals and entities likewise. The trademark is taken into account to be associated degree of quality to the corporate. Therefore, it’s necessary for the corporate to get a trademark registration to ascertain a complete image.

The process of trademark registration in Puducherry needs a range of steps likewise because of the government’s timely follow-up on the method. Below, we are going to review the method of trademark registration in Pondicherry and provides you an outline of what you wish to try and do.

How to Acquire Trademark Registration in Pondicherry?

Step 1: we tend to begin by contacting the US to assist conduct a comprehensive trademark search exploitation our tool to find the mark across all categories of products and services. If you wish to understand additional regarding the exploitation of the tool, please contact the US.

Step 2: successive step is the filing of an associate degree application by the Trademark professional person. type forty-eight and TM1 should be signed by the person so as for the application to be approved.

Step3: Here during this last step we tend to ar attending to take you thru the trademark registration method during which the trademark is filed with the trademark written record. The trademark fee for registering a trademark for a little business, individual, or startup is Rs.4,500.

Step4: it’s necessary to sporadically check the standing of the trademark application that has been filed, checked so as to see if any objections are raised. If there are objections, the person should reply within thirty days.

What Are the Benefits of Registering a Trademark in Puducherry?

When you own a trademark, you’ll have the correct to make, update, and shield the goodwill of your merchandise and services. As a trademark owner, you’ll have the correct to guard, create, and update the goodwill of your business. Whenever you suspect that your logos or registered emblems are being profaned, you’ll be able to sue them for it.

Trademarks facilitate advertising – they’re a necessary and important step in obtaining your product and services noticed. Customers and shoppers will simply distinguish your complete from the remainder by employing a trademark, and it additionally lends legitimacy to that.

The registration of a trademark can make sure that your complete is going to be protected beneath the law – you’ll solely be able to receive legal protection if you’re the victim of associate degree infringement of your trademark or other unlawful activity going down involving the name or content of your complete while not your information.

The owner of a trademark will build use of it like associate degree quality. Once a trademark is registered, it will be oversubscribed, transferred, and franchised, thereby transferring loads of advantages to them.

Online Registration of Trademark in Puducherry

List of Documents needed

  • PAN card of the person
  • Proof of the applicant’s address
  • An application for trademark registration should embody an emblem (with the complete name)
  • When claiming a particular date because of the user, the user’s testimony is needed
  • Trademark registration certificate, invoice, etc., as proof of trademark usage.
  • TM-48 signed by the person
  • To qualify for a five hundredth discount on government fees, MSME start recognition certificates will be obtained.

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