What Are the Duties of a Director of the Private Limited Company?

What Are the Duties of a Director of the Private Limited Company?

Introduction :

A director of the company or a limited corporation or a one-person corporation should fulfil positive obligations and obligations. Sometimes, a brand new director is unaware of those obligations. In this article, you may apprehend that the obligations of a director are essential for the functioning of a corporation, which in flip can have a robust board of administrators.

The Companies Act of 2013 has a listing of roles and obligations for a corporation’s director. However, earlier than we get into that, allow us to first apprehend the function of a corporation’s director.

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For all realistic purposes, a director is an individual that plays the obligations and obligations of a director as in keeping with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013. They are trustees of the corporation’s belongings and carry out the function of an agent withinside the transactions of the corporation.

According to the law, the range of administrators in unique forms of corporations is as follows:


One-Person Company – Minimum 1 director and a most of 15 administrators

Private Limited Company – Minimum 2 administrators and a most of 15 administrators

Public Limited Company – Minimum three administrators and a most of 15 administrators

However, in all of the above cases, the no. of administrators may also exceed 15  through passing Special Resolution.


Duties of a Director

Typically, administrators should use their competencies and revel in to carry out the capabilities of a director. If want be, a director should play unique roles withinside the corporation – an officer, a trustee, an agent, etc.

All the administrators of numerous corporations registered below the ROC of India should fulfil a few obligatory obligations. The reality is that the administrators of many startups fail to train themselves approximately those obligations. As a result, they come to be making a few high-priced errors withinside the end.

Many will neglect about to train themselves on those, however any director of a corporation, whether or not one person, personal or public must be privy to his/her obligations earlier than turning into one. None of what follows may be ground-breaking. After all, you must understand that, as a director, you want to behave withinside the nice pursuits of the corporation. Nonetheless, right here are the obligations indexed of administrators.

Best Interests

At all times, the director should act withinside the nice pursuits of the corporation, specially above non-public interest. Even a director performing genuinely however now no longer withinside the nice pursuits of the corporation is in breach of duty.

Proper Use of Assets

A director is in price of the belongings of the corporation and is the signatory in case of the switch of any belongings of the corporation. The director should now no longer take gain of this power.


Keep Information Confidential

As a director, you’ve got got get right of entry to to all critical records approximately the operations and financials of a corporation. This must stay exclusive and now no longer be shared with all people except it’s miles for the gain of the corporation.


Attend Meetings

A director should attend as many board conferences as possible. Any director absent for greater than 3 conferences in a calendar yr may be routinely terminated from the board.


Not to Exceed Powers

The Memorandum of Association (MOA) of a corporation defines what a corporation can do, even as the Articles of Association (AOA) nation the powers given to its administrators. The administrators should make sure that it remains withinside the obstacles of both.


It is critical that because the director of any corporation you preserve all of the records approximately it exclusive. If your corporation is indexed on any of the inventory exchanges in India, then confidentiality assumes more significance. You is probably charged for insider buying and selling for unethical movements and omissions barred through law


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