What Are The Steps To Make Consumer Court Online Filing?

In India, consumers can now file complaints or share their experiences of grievances regarding any product or service or the quality of a brand, and seek redress. Visit the consumer court and submit the required documents in order to file a complaint. Furthermore, aggravated customers can also register their complaints online by following the steps listed here.

Is it even possible to lodge a complaint as a consumer?


There have been a number of awareness programs enacted by the government in the past few years that have made it easier for customers to voice their grievances, as well as strengthening the voice of the customers when they are cheated or harassed.

When consumers have complaints or grievances about products or services, or when they are made to pay excessive prices or receive defective materials, they can complain for proper protection.

In India, consumer rights and protection are governed by the Consumer Protection Act 1986. Consumers and two or more consumers with the same interest grounds are protected by the act.

Also, any registered non-profit organization can benefit from the show. It is important to remember that you must file your complaint within two years of the cause of action. Complaints filed after the completion of two years will not be entertained, unless there is a reasonable cause for the delay. A consumer complaint must be registered online through the consumer portal and empowerment center. It is a grievance redressal system, maintained by the consumer coordination council, and supported by the Government of India’s department of consumer affairs.

Online consumer cases were allowed under the Consumer Protection Act in 2019. With the advent of digital commerce, the amendment aimed primarily at protecting consumers. A simple online case filing can now initiate the dispute resolution process under this advertisementDifferent states have also made the e-dakhil portal available for this purpose.

What is the process for filing a consumer case online through this portal?


As a result of the nationwide lockdown, online shopping exploded. The traffic on e-commerce websites has been heavy, especially for household appliances and fast-moving items. Additionally, consumer grievance redressal forum increased while courts remained largely inaccessible. As a result, consumer grievances were urgently needed. In this way, the e-dakhil was formed. State and judiciary governments joined forces to form it. No district or state government forum is required. This portal allows lawyers or complainants to file complaints online.

The following documents are required for online filing with the Consumer Court:


  • Dates
  • The index
  • Complete party details, including address and phone number
  • A notarized attested affidavit containing a copy of the complaint
  • Payable fees
  • Documents supporting the warranty, such as vouchers, receipts, and warranty cards

Here are some tips for filing an online complaint with the Consumer Court:

The complaint should be registered

The first step you need to take as a consumer is to make a complaint on the official website. When completing the online registration form, you must provide all the necessary details, such as your residential address, name, and phone number. Once you have created your user ID and password, you will be able to access the web portal.

Complaints can be lodged

Any registered brand or service provider can be complained against by the complainant. On the given website, there will be a drop-down menu for the online complaint system. All segment brand sectors registered with the department of consumer affairs will be listed in the menu section. When raising online criticism, the complainant should attach all the relevant documents. At the time of filing the complaint, it is also possible to indicate the consequences and the relief.

Find out how you are doing

A complaint number is generated electronically after the complaint is successfully submitted. It is possible to track the status of the complaint using the same number until it is resolved.

Legal Consumer Court: What Do You Need To Know?

The act aims to protect consumers’ rights by addressing complaints and grievances. In the event that you are not satisfied with the product you bought, you can file a claim in consumer court against the seller. In providing a remedy for exploiting customers and addressing their grievances, consumer forum online complaint have proven to be one of the most influential entities.

Consumer courts have the following powers

  • Witnesses must be made to attend.
  • Take into account the discovery and production of all the documents and other material objects.
  • Receiving affidavits of evidence.
  • Production of any account’s document box or commodity from any person.
  • Obtaining information about an individual.
  • Replacement of the goods with those described in the seminar description.
  • Stopping the unfair trade practice.
  • Not to offer hazardous goods for sale.


Once the application has been successfully submitted, you will be able to view the status of your filed cases. As soon as the cases are selected for pending payment, the reference number must be selected and then any complaint must be properly verified.The next step is to display the claim amount and the calculated payment.. Click on the opportunity to proceed to payment under the payment option on this page. A drop-down menu is available under the tab head if the payment fails.


When it comes to filing of a complaint in consumer court, then you need the experts to help you out here.  Get in touch with the experts for professional advice.

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