What are the three reasons why a trademark is more important?

What are the three reasons why a trademark is more important?

Would you like to become a brand name like Paytm or Flipkart? That’s right, you’re just about to take the first step. The need for trademark registration is not just a license, but an urgent necessity in today’s business environment. You will go out of business if you don’t secure your brand. Imagine what would happen if Paytm lost their brand today? It would be a colossal mistake for the company. Because the brand name is more important than the company name. You are surrounded by trademarks like McDonald’s, Pizzahut, Domino’s, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

So, if you want to start a business or already have a business, you should get a trademark registration and protect your brand. With hubco.in, securing a brand takes only a day. Send your requirements to our sales team and our team will guide you appropriately if you would like to secure your brand today. The payment will take place online through a secure payment gateway, and all documents will be sent online via email. The trademark filing will be completed in a day, and you will be able to use the mark in three days. Hubco.in is very straightforward with this process registration of trademark

Once your trademark application has been filed, the next step is to track it online. Keep track of the status of your trademark application since trademark registration typically takes nine to sixteen months. If the trademark department does not receive timely replies, the application may be rejected.

Here is the step-by-step guide to checking the status of your trademark at Trademark Registry. The trademark registration process in India is completely online and transparent. ipindia.gov.in provides the complete details of any trademark application that is pending registration or about any trademark that is registered.


Additionally, you will find a list of everything that has been filed during the course of trademark registration and the Registrar’s communication(s). Log on to http://ipindia.gov.in/ Then, look for Trademarks in the main menu. There is an option under “Trade Marks” in the dropdown sub-menu as “Related Link”, and then another menu option appears as “Trademark Status”. The following image illustrates the proper method: Home > Trade Marks > Related Link > Trademark Status. 


Do trademarks have to be registered?

Obtaining a trademark registration can result in more business opportunities, legal protection, a unique identity for an organization, and more. A trademark registration is therefore necessary to identify an organization.

As of today, the trademark registry works as a part of the Trademark Act, or you could say that it exists alongside the Trademark Registration Act.

Additionally, being a functioning body, trademark registration is responsible for enforcing trademark laws in India.

Detailed Process & Documentation

 Upon clicking Trademark Status, a security popup will appear prompting you to accept the “You are about to proceed to an external website”. Click OK to continue. Choosing affirmatively will bring you to the E Register & Application Status Page of the Trademark Registry, which is updated in real-time with every action of stakeholders, including trademark applicants, attorneys, and government agencies.

 On You will find five options on the left side menu of the E-REGISTER & APPLICATION STATUS page of the Trade Marks Registry of India. Select Trade Mark Application/ Above is a picture of a registered trademark. Clicking it will bring you to the third screen, where you can search the E Register based on either National/IRDI Number or International Registration Number, For an Indian trademark application, we need to select National/IRDI Number.

 In On the next screen, enter the Trademark Application number and captcha, and it will take you to the E-Registry.

After submitting the request, the next page shall display the relevant trademark and the application number is the link to the E register

 A A trademark is a distinctive mark or sign that identifies one business from another and builds its credibility among consumers. We always recommend our clients to register any Mark, Brand Name, Label, Product Name, Logo, Punchline, and Domain Names as Trademarks in India so that they are protected in case of misuse by anyone else. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

Marked as trademark.

After filing the trademark application online, it is very important that you track the trademark status very frequently to avoid rejection of the trademark application.

We will inform you of the correct TM status if you fill out the info box and our attorney will also assist you with this matter.

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