Where to Start for Constructing a Real Estate Business?

Have you decided to open a real estate company, where to start? First, you need to determine the priority tasks and select the direction of the process. You can offer different types of new buildings, secondary homes, as well as different types of commercial real estate for customers who want to buy apartments. In addition, it may be a rental house or land. Read further to know more and enjoy hassle free online company registration in delhi.

The company can provide additional services:

  • Lawyer advice;
  • Recording documents for redesign;
  • Transferring goods to a non-residential premises.

Principle of operation

Now let’s find out how to make money in real estate. 4-8% commissions from any transaction is the main income of any company. Some companies set fixed prices for their services. A successful company has a net monthly income of over $ 20,000.

Many start-up entrepreneurs are forced to close their business because their expenses start out higher than their income. In this business, there are times when the demand for real estate falls sharply. You have to pass them and wait for the good times.

About 40% of the customers who contact the agency do not look closely and buy anything. You need to learn to identify such people so as not to waste their time.

During the development phase, you should not work on all types simultaneously. Choose a field like residential real estate for you and work in that direction.


When choosing an office space, pay close attention to its location. It is desirable that the office be located in the center of the city. Since this is a very profitable investment, it is better to buy the premises as an asset.

Before opening a real estate company, you need to make repairs on the premises. Some customers pay special attention to the appearance of the premises and office furniture so do not pay attention to this important thing.

Customers need to take care of the technical equipment to call the office without any problems. The best option is a mini PPX.


Since your business is in a growth phase, it is enough to hire 4-5 employees first. It is advisable to have experienced staff who know how real estate agencies work. Also, you need a sender. He answers phone calls and makes appointments for customers. All employees should be positive and friendly. The professionalism of the staff is an important aspect that should not be avoided.

Financial Area

Let’s calculate how much it will cost to open a new real estate company:

  • Office rent – 12-14 thousand rubles;
  • Equipment (computers, telephone connection) – 40-50 thousand rubles;
  • Software products – 20 thousand rubles;
  • Advertising – 5-10 thousand rubles (monthly);
  • Utility bills – 6 thousand rubles.

For their work, agents receive a certain percentage of the transaction. This can be as high as 30-50% of the commission for the transaction. The manager, the accountant and the cleaning lady receive a fixed rate.

For each transaction, the agency receives approximately 5% of the total. You can earn about 150-200 thousand rubles per month. On average, the profitability of such a business reaches 25%. The initial investment will be repaid in 4-5 months.


Next, let’s talk about how to attract customers to a real estate company. The most important thing in this business is a well-organized advertising campaign. To understand what you can advertise, you need to go through the prices correctly. Also, consider the location of your office. A customer who wants to buy an apartment in his area is unlikely to return to a real estate company located on the other end of the city.

Elite and exclusive assets bring huge profits. But they need quality ads. Things to do Fantastic photos subject and placed on the web or in special advertising publications.

Banners with agency contact information are also used for an advertising campaign. You can hang them on the windows and balconies of apartments for sale. Do not forget about advertising leaflets and leaflets. One more effective method – it posts ads in crowded places. They need to be constantly updated. Do this at least once a week.

How do real estate companies work? How to check and choose a good real estate company based on reviews? How to terminate a contract with a real estate company?

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