Who can be a Designated Member of an LLP?

Who can be a Designated Member of an LLP?

Owners or partners own and manage LLPs. There must be at least two partners in an LLP, and the designated partners may be the partners. A limited liability company is not restricted in the number of partners that it can have. LLP partners must meet certain eligibility requirements established by the Limited Liability Act of 2008.

An LLP Partner can be anyone.

The following are eligible:

  • Both Indian and foreign nationals
  • Corporate bodies

eligible to be designated partners?

Individuals may also be designated partners.

An LLP must have at least one Indian resident as a partner.

Exclusions from becoming a partner

When a person is not eligible to become a partner or designated partner of the LLP:

  • Unsound in mind, or an insolvent who has not been discharged by a court,


  • A review of the application to become an insolvent is currently being conducted by the appropriate authorities.

If at least two of the partners are individuals, a limited liability company must have at least two designated partners. Designated members may be agreed upon by all members.

LLP members must:

  • ┬áname new members
  • before winding up

However, a partner is not legally liable for any actions or omissions made by another partner. The limited liability partnership is solely responsible for all of its obligations, regardless of whether they arise from a contract or otherwise. LLP liabilities are paid from the assets of the limited liability company.

Is there a way to tell when my partner ceases to be my partner?

You will know when this occurs when these things happen:

  • when a person dies
  • when the other partner agrees to the death
  • or when the body corporate disintegrates
  • when the other partner gives a reasoned notice to that effect
  • As a result, it is no longer valid to designate a partner that has ceased to exist.

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